Breanna Kinman LMT, AMTA

My fascination with the intricate system of the human body started at a young age. Even studying bugs and animals in school was so interesting to me; all the individual organs and parts working together to make a whole, functioning being. It wasn't until one day, halfway though massage school at Lexington Healing Arts Academy, that I realized massage therapy wasn't just going to be a job for me. One of my regular clients came into the clinic for his massage and he told me he no longer took his prescription pain medication for his shoulder pain. That day, I realized that I could play a part in helping peoples' bodies work smoothly and painlessly. Healing became a top priority to me that day, and I've been studying various methods of pain management and health improvement ever since.

Maintaining a healthy body relies on many different factors; sometimes it seems like too much to keep up with! I want my clients to know what it feels like to be balanced and vital. In my work as a licensed massage therapist, I use deep tissue, myofascial, and orthopedic techniques along with Swedish strokes, aromatherapy, and stretching. In addition to massage, I plan to become certified in nutritional consulting and herbal healing so I can help my clients achieve health from all angles.

It it my belief that no one should have to live with feeling sore, stiff, or achy all the time, or even most of the time. Schedule your massage today and get back to feeling your best.