Hot Stone Therapy

This service is offered by Brandon

Hot stone massage is quite possibly one of the most relaxing massages we offer due to the heat reaching deep layers of the muscles. Using large heated balsam stones, the therapist performs what is similar to a Swedish massage to warm and relax the muscles. Some stones are placed on key points to sedate and comfort the mind and body. The goal is to promote circulation and metabolism all while deeply relaxing tight and sore tissues. 

Our therapists are trained to heat the stones to just the right temperature, however, if you should experience discomfort with the level of heat, please notify your therapist. We can always cater to your request if you need the stones to be of a lower temperature. 

Please feel free to call or email with any questions about Hot Stone Therapy.


60 minutes-$90

75 minutes-$105

90 minutes-$120

105 minutes-$135

120 minutes-$150