Prenatal Massage

This service is offered by Breanna and Charley

Prenatal massage is very similar to regular massage in that its purpose is to ease sore muscles, improve circulation and lymph flow, and to restore and balance your body during this time of extra physical and emotional stress. This type of work focuses on the areas put under extra stress during pregnancy due to the center of gravity being altered. A pregnant body is continuously morphing and adjusting, and a trained therapist will know how to cater to a growing mother and child. 

How does prenatal massage differ from a regular massage?

Due to the delicate nature of a growing baby, it is important that  you lay on your side during treatment. You will be propped with pillows so that you are supported and comfortable. After treatment to one side of the body, your therapist will help you turn to work on the other side. Your safety is important. If you've you've experienced complications during any of your pregnancies, please consult your physician or midwife. 


60 minutes-$75

75 minutes-$90

90 minutes-$105

105 minutes-$120

120 minutes-$135